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ambassador for a day

Interested in being

an ambassador for

Next Elevation Company

for a day?

All we need you to do is post the provided graphic on your IG Page and Story, November 1st at 9:00 pm. We already have it created and will provide a caption as well.

We have a limited quantity of incentives for those that participate.

Fill out the form to get started and select your incentive below.

Please select TWO option for your incentive, in case your first choice is no longer available (# of each incentive located parenthesis).
*See details on incentives below*
•  FREE Chick-fil-a Sandwhich
Must have Chick-fil-a mobile app and provide membership number in additional details box. Chick-fil-a Mobile App > Rewards > Points > Membership #
•  Graphic/Flyer Design
Flyer Design. Promo Graphic. Price List Graphic. Business Card Design. 
Must have content Ready  |  One Set of Revisions  |  Ask about Printing
•  Simple Logo Design
TWO design concepts to choose from. TWO sets of revisions. 
Included multiple file formats  |  Ask about getting business cards
•  30 Minute Photoshoot Mini Session
Graduation. Headshots. Branding. Birthday. Holiday. Personal.
Book a date before Feb. 2020  |  Participants within 1.5 Hour of Greenville, SC ONLY
•  FREE T-shirt of your choice
Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve.
Provide which shirt and size in the additional details section  |  Ships out by November 8th